Some are best to keep

*The 3 symbols in Aikido

*Triangle *Circle *Square

Theres a variations of interpretation on this.

But to me, and what I share with my students is simplifying it to:

*Triangle – Entering Movement 

*Circle – Endless Circular Movement @ Enso

*Square – Solid Base

To apply these into your training would be:

**Triangle – Your sense of judgment in directions of entering when the enemy attacks to diffuse the threat.

**Circle – The flow and fluidity of the defense movements should be endless until the takedowns or control or even to redirect or improvise when the attacker counter or changes course.

**Square – Solidity in handling defense, in stance and balance.

THESE ARE ALSO RELATED to the Mind, Body & Spirit. In my personal opinion. 

Mind-Triangle (Sharp)

Body-Square (Balance)

Spirit-Circle (Endless)

Thank you Sensei, for everything.


Go with the flow

To those who have not tried it, I encourage you to. 

Do the one thing that heals

Everyday I forgive you and everyday I feel grateful. It is the first thing I thought of every morning when I wake up. Its like one of those things where you do one thing everyday until it becomes second nature. Its like exercise or practicing your kata, you do it often enough and it becomes muscle-memory. It feels different everyday of course but it is important to wake up everyday and to forgive and feel grateful. Some aren’t so lucky.

With love,

Acrostic Aikidoka

Thank you 2016

I have lost some friendships, broke away from my aikido dojo and had a breakdown. I had faced the lowest point of my life and the people whom I thought I had their support and friendship kept their distance. I have helped those whom I have opened my heart to without expecting anything in return. But I felt used and betrayed. I opened my heart too much and allowed my weaknesses to be exploited. But through it all, I was glad that it happened and I would never change a thing. I was very lucky to have a few friends who stood by me and showed me kindness. And that was all I need. 

I am slowly trying to rebuild my confidence. I said to myself this time in 2015 that 2016 is going to be a great year and it is despite everything. I learn to forgive everyday until I no longer feel anger and resentment. There is no need to wait for the new year for me to begin again. I just need to do.

My love for aikido has never fade and I will continue to be Acrostic Aikidoka. I am more determined to learn and grow in this art form and excited for the future lies ahead. I no longer hope for the best. Instead I aim to be the best version of myself and make each day count!


Acrostic Aikidoka