Some are best to keep

*The 3 symbols in Aikido

*Triangle *Circle *Square

Theres a variations of interpretation on this.

But to me, and what I share with my students is simplifying it to:

*Triangle – Entering Movement 

*Circle – Endless Circular Movement @ Enso

*Square – Solid Base

To apply these into your training would be:

**Triangle – Your sense of judgment in directions of entering when the enemy attacks to diffuse the threat.

**Circle – The flow and fluidity of the defense movements should be endless until the takedowns or control or even to redirect or improvise when the attacker counter or changes course.

**Square – Solidity in handling defense, in stance and balance.

THESE ARE ALSO RELATED to the Mind, Body & Spirit. In my personal opinion. 

Mind-Triangle (Sharp)

Body-Square (Balance)

Spirit-Circle (Endless)

Thank you Sensei, for everything.


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