A fresh start

I told myself this at the start of the year that no matter which art I am learning, I will always be an Aikidoka at heart. It will never leave me. But I needed to experience other things for myself, to see, hear and learn from other’s perspective. I want to draw my own conclusions based on what I’ve experienced and not someone else’s. My martial arts journey has never been a smooth one but I think that’s ok. Perhaps at this point, I’ve made peace with my own expectations of what I would like to achieve at a certain stage of my martial arts training. Yes, I stopped short of going for my black belt in Aikido when I decided to leave my former dojo. It was a painful decision and I didn’t regret it. I felt so stagnant and I realised that the only thing that’s stopping me was myself. A fresh start and some re-evaluation of personal goals was sorely needed. I’m taking my time to learn and grow and I don’t care how embarrassing the small steps I have to take as long as I move forward. I hope to share in due time what I am currently learning but rest assure that I am still going for training.


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