Anything is possible

The first day of training at my new dojo has been very enlightening and rather refreshing. For the first time there is no need for me to have a training partner. A senior ever so patiently and carefully, instructed me on the lesson of the day and I am left to try it out on my own. There were plenty of other students in the dojo but I was amazed at how I was able to concentrate and stay focused on what I was supposed to do. And before I knew it, 2 hours went passed just like that. I felt as though amidst the fluttering of activities around me, I wasn’t distracted at all. This, if you must know, is very new to me. I truly believe that anything is possible, even when I almost lost hope in myself to ever absorb anything new. Anything is possible. Believe in yourself even when you don’t. Look forward but never wait. Everything happens in its own time.


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