Imagine a watermelon below the tip of your sword

Visualisation is key when doing solo waza. And its really important to be able to visualise what your imaginary opponent is doing in front of you. Or else you’re just going through the motions without actually knowing why you have to move in a certain manner. I know this may sound like, “Duh! Pretty obvious right?” Well never take self-awareness for granted and always be vigilant!

Happy Training! I know I am.


Learning to feel the moment…or you’ll get cut

3rd lesson badges

The sword doesn’t feel as heavy at first until an hour later and you had to hold a standing pose while holding the sword out. Tip: Relax the wrist and elbow.

Let the blade slide in naturally into the sheath while holding it parallel to the blade tip or you’ll get cut! Tip: Always close the loop with your thumb and pointy finger and let the tip of the blade sit on it first adjusting the position before keeping the sword…..elegantly!

Keeping your balance when cutting.     Tip: Stretch the back leg, front leg at 90 degree angle and relax the elbows when cutting down. 

Happy training!

                I know I am.