Who is Acrostic Akidoka?

I have been a student of Aikido for about 5 years but it was not a continuous and smooth journey. I left my former dojo around Aug in 2016, ending my Aikido journey very abruptly. I will always be an Aikidoka at heart and it will never leave me. I am thankful for the lessons that I’ve learned from my former Sensei. Although my actions may seem ungrateful to some, I really don’t give a crap anymore to those who judge. I am living my life and happy the way it is.

This personal blog serves as another creative outlet for me to express my love for acrostic poetry, art, Aikido and other forms of Japanese martial arts. All views, poems, artworks, images, videos expressed here are my own and created by me unless otherwise. I will properly credit others for material that I share on Acrostic Aikido blog and wherever possible, obtain permission from the original persons, organisations, author and/or artist.

I hope to share my journey with you. Peace!
– ct (acrostic aikidoka), 5 Feb 2017



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