[30 day writing challenge] Day 4: Bullet your whole day

Monday, 24 July 2017 (Things I would rather do on a Monday)

  • Breakfast at Tiffany (if that were possible)
  • Sleeping till noon
  • Getting up to fetch my son from school
  • Lunch with my son while discussing gross-facts-of-the-day
  • Laughing out loud time
  • Homework time, boo!
  • Lazing around till 6pm
  • Getting dinner ready
  • Hustling my son to get ready for bed
  • Netflix and chill
  • Rinse and repeat

[30 day writing challenge] Day 3: A book you love


I remember reading Pride and Prejudice when I was in my early teens. It was a more “cheerful” option for me at that time after Edgar Allen Poe and the Bronte sisters. At 14, I did not really understand the story but I remembered feeling utterly joyful, confused and inspired by Jane Austen’s language. The vividness of her descriptions of the characters, landscapes and objects made me completely in love with it. It was funny how through each character in this story, I saw many similarities in the people in my life. Over the years I reread the book at different stages of my life and I love the fact that I never felt the same way after it. At times I was annoyed with Elizabeth Bennet when letting her self-righteous self get to her head while feeling really sorry for her sister Mary and I would love to have tea with Charlotte!

“I do not pretend to possess equal frankness with your ladyship. You may ask questions which I shall not chuse to answer.”

[30 day writing challenge] Day 2: Something you feel strongly about

Moving on from a difficult situation is something I feel strongly about currently. I would like to think that with time it gets better but it isn’t. Well not right away that is. This ‘moving on’ phase is one bumpy journey that leaves a bitter taste in my mouth. No its not fun at all. At first it may seem like I’ve expertly surgically remove a “cancer” in my situation and the feeling is great, elated, relieved, happy. But the “recovery” process hasn’t been going too great. The upside is getting to understand why I am feeling this way and recognising that with any disappointments in my life, I can learn to trust my instincts again and to lean on myself for support. When I stop caring about when to be told I am ready for something, that is when I truly feel the freedom to do what I want in life. God bless.

Begin again….in black

Very few people get their second, third or fourth chance to begin again in life. I just find myself lucky to have another (God knows how many) chance to start over, learn something new and to appreciate the gifts I already have. There is no turning back now and I am done hiding myself away. 

Imagine a watermelon below the tip of your sword

Visualisation is key when doing solo waza. And its really important to be able to visualise what your imaginary opponent is doing in front of you. Or else you’re just going through the motions without actually knowing why you have to move in a certain manner. I know this may sound like, “Duh! Pretty obvious right?” Well never take self-awareness for granted and always be vigilant!

Happy Training! I know I am.

Learning to feel the moment…or you’ll get cut

3rd lesson badges

The sword doesn’t feel as heavy at first until an hour later and you had to hold a standing pose while holding the sword out. Tip: Relax the wrist and elbow.

Let the blade slide in naturally into the sheath while holding it parallel to the blade tip or you’ll get cut! Tip: Always close the loop with your thumb and pointy finger and let the tip of the blade sit on it first adjusting the position before keeping the sword…..elegantly!

Keeping your balance when cutting.     Tip: Stretch the back leg, front leg at 90 degree angle and relax the elbows when cutting down. 

Happy training!

                I know I am.

Temporary miracle

Today was my 2nd lesson and learned 2 new kata. I realised the importance of keeping my composure even when my hands were sweating buckets and it was terribly tricky when you practice with a semi-sharp blade! Ive really bad sweaty palms situation since like forever. But I didnt cut myself today, super happy about that. But towards the end of my lesson I tried to regain my composure, took deep breaths, thought of something freezing cold and my palms were sweaty no more! Temporary miracle?? I dont think so. Now I need to practice getting into that zone again so that I can keep the blade smoothly the next time. Learned how to oil the blade.

I’m starting to like my training sword more eventhough its super heavy and the tsuba gave me bruises! FYI it tasted my blood during my first lesson. (Resisting the urge to insert a tacky song lyric)

Peace out!

Anything is possible

The first day of training at my new dojo has been very enlightening and rather refreshing. For the first time there is no need for me to have a training partner. A senior ever so patiently and carefully, instructed me on the lesson of the day and I am left to try it out on my own. There were plenty of other students in the dojo but I was amazed at how I was able to concentrate and stay focused on what I was supposed to do. And before I knew it, 2 hours went passed just like that. I felt as though amidst the fluttering of activities around me, I wasn’t distracted at all. This, if you must know, is very new to me. I truly believe that anything is possible, even when I almost lost hope in myself to ever absorb anything new. Anything is possible. Believe in yourself even when you don’t. Look forward but never wait. Everything happens in its own time.