[30 day writing challenge] Day 18: A problem that you have had ….still working on it!

Hmmmmm. Darn it too many of those hahahaha. I think the biggest one has to be and still is, lack of discipline. I am not being too hard on myself (or maybe I am). For instance, I’ve done pretty well in scheduling my posts a week in advance for my past 17 posts eversince I took up this 30 Day Writing Challenge. Today’s post however was not a scheduled one so I am typing this one fresh! 

The moment I let myself get distracted with stuff that is when my “editorial calendar” went into complete disarray.  So, I’m still a work in progress but I will not miss a post. I am however not liking the themes at all for the remaining 12 posts left in this challenge. So I am going to shake things up!


Introducing Miss Little Less Least

Miss Little Less Least is quite a melancholic young lady of 16. She lived with her parents and two younger siblings. She wishes at every birthday to have a cat to call her own but was denied everytime. Miss Least was not very bright at school, nor was she blessed with any natural talents. She never considered herself to be pretty, hated her name and she cannot wait to grow up and be completely independent. But Miss Least is a very determined girl and she desires above all to be one thing in life – she will never do anything nor become anyone who does anything too little, less or least. 

The best present I can give myself

It’s been awhile since I write about Aikido-related stuff. Since I don’t practice Aikido anymore, its been hard to write about stuff from a personal standpoint. It is also due to the fact that I have not been training at my Iaido class since May due to work and its been killing me. I do miss practicing Aikido terribly and I am looking for a new class to learn. I don’t mind at all if I have to start from the beginning. What kept my motivation going is really my desire to test my limits and I truly admire and respect practitioners who train till their old age. It never hurts to start again but it hurts to stop.

In late April this year just 2 days before my birthday, I signed up to attend an Aikido seminar in Jakarta, Indonesia. It was crazy! But it was the best present I gave myself. Leaving my Aikido dojo hasn’t been easy and was feeling rather down but I was determined to pick myself up again. Going all the way there to train was the best thing I could do for myself. For the first time I felt what it was like to train at an overseas Aikido seminar on my own and without wearing a badge of a dojo. Nobody asked me which dojo I trained at, which I felt was so liberating and it never mattered. All that matters was that I tried to carry myself well and be a considerate partner to everyone that I trained with. Apart from my good friend whom I reunited in Jakarta, I trained with as many different people as I could and interacted with several people who had such wonderful stories to share. In a hall full of strangers, nobody was a stranger to each other.

Friendship, camaraderie, warmth and respect. My takeaways from this experience.







For immediate release

I still believe that many people do take the time and effort to read and appreciate what they read.

I still believe that some writers do take their job seriously.

I still believe that some journalists don’t need to ask a PR for advice on what to write or who to interview.

If someone is available to do a face-to-face interview, just bloody take it up.

For more information, please read the damn media release first before you ask me any questions. 

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