[30 day writing challenge] Day 18: A problem that you have had ….still working on it!

Hmmmmm. Darn it too many of those hahahaha. I think the biggest one has to be and still is, lack of discipline. I am not being too hard on myself (or maybe I am). For instance, I’ve done pretty well in scheduling my posts a week in advance for my past 17 posts eversince I took up this 30 Day Writing Challenge. Today’s post however was not a scheduled one so I am typing this one fresh! 

The moment I let myself get distracted with stuff that is when my “editorial calendar” went into complete disarray.  So, I’m still a work in progress but I will not miss a post. I am however not liking the themes at all for the remaining 12 posts left in this challenge. So I am going to shake things up!


[30 day writing challenge] Day 10: Put your music player on a shuffle and write the first ten songs that play

Song 1: Lost Stars by Adam Levine

Song 2: Down by Marian Hill

Song 3: Wonderwall (Remastered) by Oasis

Song 4: Thunder by Imagine Dragons

Song 5: When I was your man by Bruno Mars

Song 6: Got It by Marian Hill

Song 7: If you’re not the one by Daniel Beddingfield

Song 8: Don’t look back in anger by Oasis

Song 9: Bad Liar By Selena Gomez

Song 10: It will rain by Bruno Mars

[30 day writing challenge] Day 9: How important you think education is

Hmmmmmm. Ok I hate to sound too philosophical or long-winded in my posts but here goes. Education is important and there are many different ways one can educate themselves. It is not just about receiving institutional education, it is also about life experiences. I think that there are many ways you can educate yourself, depending on the availability of resources available to you. I whole-heartedly believe that there are many pathways to success and everyone has their own definition of what success means to them. Ultimately, I think using your education and other background experiences and use it to bring about positive change to others, is the most useful and meaningful act a person can do for his or her community. Education should also be about creating positive impact in the community, about uplifting others, valuing freedom, showing compassion, empathy, love, generosity and the belief in the greater good. These are the values I would like to see in someone who is ‘educated’.

[30 day writing challenge] Day 8: What you ate today

Breakfast. Hot lemon water and muesli with Meiji berry yogurt.

This is something Ive been eating quite regularly. Its basically flavoured yogurt with toasted muesli and its the best and easiest thing to fix everyday. Its the 2nd thing next to coffee that makes me look forward to mornings. I hate unflavoured yogurt. Dont start lecturing me on the merits of eating unflavoured yogurt! Deal with it and leave my breakfast alone.