[30 day writing challenge] Day 11: Your family

Morning rush

Yesterday’s meal

Far but not unreachable

All through the day

Magical touch you have

In sickness and in health

Love is our code of arms

You will never dine alone


[30 day writing challenge] Day 10: Put your music player on a shuffle and write the first ten songs that play

Song 1: Lost Stars by Adam Levine

Song 2: Down by Marian Hill

Song 3: Wonderwall (Remastered) by Oasis

Song 4: Thunder by Imagine Dragons

Song 5: When I was your man by Bruno Mars

Song 6: Got It by Marian Hill

Song 7: If you’re not the one by Daniel Beddingfield

Song 8: Don’t look back in anger by Oasis

Song 9: Bad Liar By Selena Gomez

Song 10: It will rain by Bruno Mars

[30 day writing challenge] Day 9: How important you think education is

Hmmmmmm. Ok I hate to sound too philosophical or long-winded in my posts but here goes. Education is important and there are many different ways one can educate themselves. It is not just about receiving institutional education, it is also about life experiences. I think that there are many ways you can educate yourself, depending on the availability of resources available to you. I whole-heartedly believe that there are many pathways to success and everyone has their own definition of what success means to them. Ultimately, I think using your education and other background experiences and use it to bring about positive change to others, is the most useful and meaningful act a person can do for his or her community. Education should also be about creating positive impact in the community, about uplifting others, valuing freedom, showing compassion, empathy, love, generosity and the belief in the greater good. These are the values I would like to see in someone who is ‘educated’.

[30 day writing challenge] Day 8: What you ate today

Breakfast. Hot lemon water and muesli with Meiji berry yogurt.

This is something Ive been eating quite regularly. Its basically flavoured yogurt with toasted muesli and its the best and easiest thing to fix everyday. Its the 2nd thing next to coffee that makes me look forward to mornings. I hate unflavoured yogurt. Dont start lecturing me on the merits of eating unflavoured yogurt! Deal with it and leave my breakfast alone. 

[30 day writing challenge] Day 7: Five pet peeves

I try not to complain too much but being a Singaporean I just can’t help myself.

1) People with a false sense of importance or entitlement.

2)  “Journalists/writers/media” who copied and paste your press release in their article.

3) “Journalists/writers/media” who copied and paste your press release on their Facebook status update.

4) “Journalists/writers/media” who didn’t RSVP nor respond to your emails, texts and calls but showed up unannounced at your media event and being an ass.

5) People who cough and/or sneeze without closing their mouths.

[30 day writing challenge] Day 6: My views on mainstream music

Music has always been part of my life. Mainstream music is like my life ‘memory markers’. Certain songs would trigger certain memories be it happy, sad, boredom or angry moments. My taste in mainstream music is ever-evolving. During my adolescent years, I listened to whatever my parents or grandparents were listening to. It was mostly what was aired on radio at that time. These ranged from the traditional Malay keronchong to Stevie Wonder, P Ramlee, Ella Fitzgerald and many more.  In my early and late teen years it was all New Kids on the Block, Tiffany, Paula Abdul to Michael Learns To Rock. Now I listen to practically anything thanks to Spotify. Whatever it is, it all depends on my mood of the day. Plus I find it annoying to listen to the radio sometimes. I am a Swiftie and her music is great. Im not a fan of Pitbull and his “Mr Worldwide” songs. I think Jennifer Lopez’s songs are the next classics but Beyonce is way too much for me. Ellie Golding and Adele are my “ethereal voices of reason” and I would love to hang out with Ed Sheeran. Lastly, Bruno Mars ON REPEAT! 

“Hello, its me.”

[30 day writing challenge] Day 4: Bullet your whole day

Monday, 24 July 2017 (Things I would rather do on a Monday)

  • Breakfast at Tiffany (if that were possible)
  • Sleeping till noon
  • Getting up to fetch my son from school
  • Lunch with my son while discussing gross-facts-of-the-day
  • Laughing out loud time
  • Homework time, boo!
  • Lazing around till 6pm
  • Getting dinner ready
  • Hustling my son to get ready for bed
  • Netflix and chill
  • Rinse and repeat

[30 day writing challenge] Day 3: A book you love


I remember reading Pride and Prejudice when I was in my early teens. It was a more “cheerful” option for me at that time after Edgar Allen Poe and the Bronte sisters. At 14, I did not really understand the story but I remembered feeling utterly joyful, confused and inspired by Jane Austen’s language. The vividness of her descriptions of the characters, landscapes and objects made me completely in love with it. It was funny how through each character in this story, I saw many similarities in the people in my life. Over the years I reread the book at different stages of my life and I love the fact that I never felt the same way after it. At times I was annoyed with Elizabeth Bennet when letting her self-righteous self get to her head while feeling really sorry for her sister Mary and I would love to have tea with Charlotte!

“I do not pretend to possess equal frankness with your ladyship. You may ask questions which I shall not chuse to answer.”

[30 day writing challenge] Day 2: Something you feel strongly about

Moving on from a difficult situation is something I feel strongly about currently. I would like to think that with time it gets better but it isn’t. Well not right away that is. This ‘moving on’ phase is one bumpy journey that leaves a bitter taste in my mouth. No its not fun at all. At first it may seem like I’ve expertly surgically remove a “cancer” in my situation and the feeling is great, elated, relieved, happy. But the “recovery” process hasn’t been going too great. The upside is getting to understand why I am feeling this way and recognising that with any disappointments in my life, I can learn to trust my instincts again and to lean on myself for support. When I stop caring about when to be told I am ready for something, that is when I truly feel the freedom to do what I want in life. God bless.